​I believe that emotional intelligence is the key to success.

​Values such as empathy, communication, passion, trust and creativity allow beauty products come alive and are the basis of the cooperation with me.

​... by understanding your vision, we create together an all-round coherent overall concept in which you find yourself 100%...

​Expertise in the private label and White-label sector for well-known brands in the field of: influencers, K-Beauty, Indie-Brands, Home-Shopping, Luxury-Beauty Asia and Europe, Beauty-Sets for Airlines, B2B and B2C. Creation of facial and Body massage techniques for the beauty cabin and SPA.

I believe that the power of Uniqueness is the only way to success. Attributes such as quality, effectiveness and trust are still cornerstones of success, however the customer is looking for a distinctive added value of a brand, an inspiration, an enrichment of his life. This uniqueness binds both the consumer as well as the employees and forms the unmistakable
personality of the brand.

This power of uniqueness is the core of my beauty passion, which I use to help clients in a targeted way to building and expanding their personal beauty success story. All this is the substance of my experience as a person and beauty professional and means for me for me creative, emotional and authentic beauty product management.

MARTINA hindorff


​Hello, I am am Martina Hindorff, the founder of Beauty Product Management.

​"Beauty is rooted in identity" - it reinforces who the consumer is and lets him become who he wants to be.