​... subsections of a product development with us...
  • ​​Definition of your beauty vision High-Tech, Clean-Beauty, Natural Cosmetics...
  • ​Conception of "hero products" and product lines
  • ​Innovative active ingredient concepts with peptides, microbiome active ingredients, botanical extracts, biomimetic active ingredients, etc.
  • ​Choice of primary and secondary packaging and branding Matching brand character, sustainable, recyclable glass or plastic
  • ​Preparation of product information data sheet, active ingredient description, training materials, marketing materials Target group needs analysis, such as natural cosmetics or conventional cosmetics
  • ​Laboratory collaboration
  • ​Constant monitoring of product development with the laboratory, assessment of product parameters until release

​Why do you need us, can not do it alone?

​We are familiar with all the stages in the product development process and can control the timeline during this process.

We have in-depth knowledge of raw materials and active ingredients and know the current the current legislation on product labeling for cosmetic products cosmetics for national and international distribution. Through the initial analysis of our cooperation mistakes can be avoided, because a product should be tailored to the desired requirements of the target group in all areas.

​This is the entire Corporate Development.

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